OMG Machines Review – Make Sure You Read This Review Before You Buy…

OMG Machines is in everyone’s mouth these days? We were some of the early birds, and we joined up almost as soon as Greg Morrison, Mike Long and David Mills created it.

What does ‘OMG Machines’ stand for?

OMG Machines stands for ‘One Man Gang Machines’, which is the name Greg Morrison gave to the money sites he has built over the past few years. His sites helped him make over $2,000,000 in just 1 year, which makes it easy for us to understand why he called them that.

Greg MorrisonWho’s Greg Morrison?

Greg Morrison is a rags to riches success. He went from waking up at 3 AM every morning, working a crummy day job, to building successful affiliate and AdSense sites… and then adding a twist that allowed him to bank over a million dollars in the last year.

The good news is that what Greg does is duplicatable and he’s blowing the lid off his method now. He reveals it ALL!

We first heard about OMG Machines from Mike Long, who’s one the guys behind a hugely successful SEO community. Greg Morrison is actually a student of that SEO community that Mike and David created, and became so successful in what he did that he decided to create his own product, with Mike and Dave, to help others (you) duplicate his success…

Greg went from a total standstill, to profitable affiliate and AdSense sites, to over $2,000,000 in OMG Machine site sales to private clients, in just one year. That’s right, Greg not only makes money through affiliate programs and AdSense, but also by reselling sites… $4,000 on average! If all OMG Machines helped you do was to build a site that you would sell for $4,000, would it be worth the tiny one-time investment?

If Greg makes that much money, why does he share his method? Because he did much of that in just one small niche in the health genre. Given the fact that there are thousands of niches like Greg’s, and any particular niche could support several One Man Gangs, Greg isn’t worried about helping people learn what he’s doing.

Enter Greg Morrison SEO

In OMG Machines, Greg reveals everything he does to build a money site, from scratch, and bring it to the top of search engine rankings for money making keywords.

Here’s the crowd’s reaction at the sold out OMG LIVE Nashville event:

Greg didn’t create these OMG Machines websites to be either simple or complex, he created it to make money for himself, and he happened to create something that anybody else can do… Greg talks about:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Free Google Rankings
– Monetizing (Affiliate Sales) & Client Acquisition
– Business Goals & Objectives
OMG Machines– Time Wasters & Motivation Killers
– Enforcers, Employees & Entrepreneurs
– Outsourcing
– Shortcuts vs. Cutting Corners
– Passion, Enthusiasm, Gratitude…
– How to Build a Money Site From Scratch
– …and much, much more!

Greg’s full system includes 3 different Google ranking multi-part strategies. Each of his Google ranking free traffic strategies involves a blend of on-page and off-page (backlinking) techniques. He then uses a keyword understanding blueprint, a profoundly simple pay-per-click add-on blueprint, a conversion checklist, time-saving tools, and an incredible successful outsourcing strategy. Once you start hearing Greg explain things step by step, it is all so very doable – and it is reality.

Update: Greg, David and Mike keep improving this program and keep adding new modules, including the highly popular SEO client consulting training with $300,000/mo phenom Kotton Grammer, one of their students from just a year ago:

They’ve also added Fletch:

But wait! There’s more!

Because they also added Amazon in a huge way, with Liz Herrera:

In fact OMG is now the overwhelming advantage for Amazon.

Bottom line is when you look at the earnings reports compilation from OMG Machines, the jury is in. Nothing like this has ever existed.

What we love about OMG Machines is that it’s easy to understand, even if you’re a total beginner. OMG Machines is packed with great content, including a series of over-the-shoulder videos so you can see exactly how Greg does his things. Many have already jumped the fence, and if you check the OMG Machines homepage you will see Greg has already received TONS of testimonials from happy customers…

What People Think of OMG Machines…

Here are just a few of the testimonials Greg receives:

“I just got off the phone… confirmed a $24,000 retainer & commission deal. This stuff is GOLD! Keep me updated about No Hold Barrel!” Peter

“One thing I really like about the SEO videos is he details. Greg didn’t talk in general terms, but really showed it all.” Jonathan

“Consuming OMG. Can’t stop! Great stuff!… Thanks for all that you’re sharing!” Denise

“I already pre-sold a plastic surgeon for 6 sites at $500 per month. Started on them today!” Randall

“A quick note and endorsement for Greg on this Vbook and also his teaching style. Clear and methodical… This course has been great for me…” Emma

We give OMG Machines a 10 out of 10 – and if we could we’d give it a 20:

What are the drawbacks?

It isn’t cheap. Ok, it’s not cheap compared to the “guru” courses out there. Of course, we’ve found the guru courses don’t work.

I guess it is cheap when you compare it to a $100,000 college education. So it’s relative.

Ok that’s it. Bottom line is if you’re serious about making money online, there’s nothing like OMG.


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