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Ready for the Coolest Bonus for OMG Machines you will find anywhere on the Web?



IMPORTANT UPDATE: – This info below is now out of date – this bonus is no longer
offered, in fact it is no longer online. Why? Because OMG is a full blown training course
that provides EVERYTHING you need to setup your own profitable company.

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Old content from years ago below:

I don’t say that lightly because this bonus for purchasing OMG Machines through me is not some boring rehash PLR product, but access to a ‘brand new’ training course that took me over 3 months of planning and hard work to make!

As you would have read in our OMG Machines Review, it is a fantastic Vbook (Video ebook) that has a lot of great content as well as 15 videos. It shows you how Greg makes around a million a year, step by step… it is missing something though! It is missing going into depth to teach you the do’s and don’ts on the most powerful links he creates to rank almost any site! Good news is I have that covered in my bonus :)…

What is the OMG Machine Bonus?

It is a 9 modules course (plus 2 bonus modules) with multiple training videos in each one, showing you the exact steps to build ‘Secret Web Assets’ that will allow you to rank for some of the tough SEO search terms. The ones that get lots of searches and can make you LOTS of money, every month on Autopilot!

This membership site I created to sell on its own, but after reading OMG Machines and seeing what a perfect fit it will be, I decided to add it as a bonus for anyone who buys OMGMachines through my link.

The Course (Secret Web Assets) includes a whole module called ‘Over The Shoulder’ that is videos showing you step by step how to quickly and easily create your own ‘secret web assets’ which are some of the most powerful links you can get. See the screenshot below of the site you will get instant access to for advanced training that will set you ahead of the rest.


(Sneak Peak of a few of the videos from just 1 module)


OMG Machines Bonus

Why give this quality course as a bonus for OMG Machines?

Just because this awesome course that took me months to make is being offered to buyers of OMGMachines as a bonus does not take away its value. In fact, there is a chance that when I release it to the public, I charge $97 for it, which by itself is DOUBLE the price of OMG Machines! This means that getting SWA (Secret Web Assets) as a bonus by buying OMG Machines through my link (read the review again to see why you must buy this product), could save you more money than if you didn’t even get OMG Machines and rather just purchased Secret Web Assets when I launch it. (That means 1/2 the value for you and twice the cost) = It really is a no brainer.

How do they compliment each other?

OMG Machines is a full, step by step guide including business models, but in OMG, Greg touches on the SWA link building method, but only very basically and in 1 short video. Using SWA will provide you with Secret Web Assets that boost your rankings like nuts, and ensure that you do set everything up the right way (and the easy way) saving you potentially thousands of dollars in wasted expenses and maybe 50 hours in time spent trying to figure this stuff out yourself.

So the bottom line for this OMG Bonus is that it ties in perfectly with the content, giving you such an unfair advantage over all those people who just buy OMG Machines, without getting access to ‘Secret Web Assets!’

How to get Access to the Bonus? (This is the Simple Process to Claim Your Awesome Bonus – free access to a course that is valued at $497!)


Step One – Buy Through Our Link by Clicking HERE
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OMG Machines Bonus



Step Two –

That’s it! 🙂 We will then send you your access to the Secret Web Assets membership, and we hope that for giving you this amazing bonus, if you learn from SWA. You should learn a lot! 🙂 Then all we ask for is a testimonial or some feedback to ensure we improve even further by launch time.

Remember, many ‘gurus’ charge $597, $997 or even $1997 for a course like the one we have put together here and you can get it free, as a bonus for OMG Machines. So Hurry over and buy OMG Machines right now!

Still Not Convinced?
Check out what the course you can access as a bonus contains…

Module #1: Introduction
Everything you need to know about private networks of sites

Module #2: Understanding SEO
Everything you need to know about on-page and off-page SEO

Module #3: Finding PR Domains
How to find good quality PageRank domain names

Module #4: Finding a Hosting Provider
How to a good, reliable web hosting provider

Module #5: Installing & Configuring WP
How to install and configure WordPress

Module #6: Installing & Configuring WP Plugins
How to install and configure WordPress plugins

Module #7: Customizing Your Sites
How to effectively customize your secret assets

Module #8: Promoting Your Sites
How to effectively promote your secret assets

Module #9: Over-The-Shoulder Walkthrough
How to build a network of sites in just a few hours

How to get Access to the Bonus? (This is the Simple Process To Claim Your Awesome Bonus – free access to a course that is valued at $497!)


Step One – Buy Through Our Link by Clicking HERE
[Make sure you clear your cookies if needed so when you go to ‘checkout’ you see:]

OMG Machines Bonus



I show you in this 10 minute video the inside of OMG Machines
& also the Bonus I will give you!

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