Here are just a few of the testimonials Greg receives:

“I just got off the phone… confirmed a $24,000 retainer & commission deal. This stuff is GOLD! Keep me updated about No Hold Barrel!” Peter

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“Thank you for putting this course together!.. I’m impressed!” Jeffrey

“One thing I really like about the SEO videos is he details. Greg didn’t talk in general terms, but really showed it all.” Jonathan

“Looking forward to No Hold Barred! We have already implemented some of the strategies from the videos!” Trish

“I am thoroughly enjoying the video and devouring the material…” Scott

“My mind is officially blown as to the amount of value provided by Greg and Mike. I can’t believe they actually disclosed some of the info they did, especially in some of the over the shoulder videos. Pay attention to the small details along with the main principals and you will understand how they dominate, where other “SEO” and “IM” gurus make lots of promises but can’t back it up. The proof is in the pudding!” Raph

“This is what I’ve been looking for!” Robert

“Consuming the vBook. Can’t stop! Great stuff!… Thanks for all that you’re sharing!” Denise

“I’m reading the course and watching the videos and OMG is addictive! I can’t believe the amount of value Greg provides in this course… THANK YOU GREG FOR SUCH AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT!” Turburan

“I already pre-sold a plastic surgeon for 6 sites at $500 per month. Started on them today!” Randall

“Thanks for a GREAT product!” Tracie

“Terrific stuff, really detailed, and I’m very much looking forward to the full course!.. THANK YOU GREG FOR SUCH AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT!” Phil

“I went through the entire vBook and I learned some new things about SEO that blew my mind… I’m going to buy the FULL course when it comes out (send me a beta link – I’ll pay now)” Allen

“Hi Greg, I’m almost done going through the training and really enjoying… I look forward to No Holds Barred!” Wesley

“Just wanted to chime in and give props to Gre for this great course.” Antonio

“I really like your OMG Machines product and teaching style and I can only say that I’m really looking forward to your complete course!” Mammut

“Greg’s over-your-shoulder vids and daily schedule are a true blessing.” Kamaria

“A quick note and endorsement for Greg on this vBook and also his teaching style. Clear and methodical… This course has been great for me…” Emma

“I already pre-sold a plastic surgeon for 6 sites at $500 per month. Started on them today!” Randall


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“First of all would like you to express my recommendation for OMG and OMG-Nitro, absolutely great step by step instructions ( I personally like the over the shoulder style), the complete video series are the final touch for every BTF member. All thumbs up for this course!” Gerry

“Greg… I picked up OMG yesterday… I did not get to bed until 3 Am. Not many products do that to me any more… I will of course be grabbing the additional training once it’s released.” James

“I’ve had a steep learning curve and found your material to be the most practical and easy to understand and it fits well with my goal of providing marketing strategy to offline businesses.” Jeremy

“Hi Greg – Loving OMG and furiously putting it into action… Cheers and many thanks…” Philip

“I’ve gone through the video book. It is great information for ranking a site!” Ken

“Greg – World Class material!!!” Thomas

“Hi I am really enjoying the content that you have provided and I’m making some new notes to change what I was doing before.” Tim

“Hey Hey! Just wanted to say thanks to Greg and Mike… and to take the opportunity to speak for most of us that can’t get enough…” Bob

“Well whatever the cost of the NHB course will be, I will do my best to invest in it even if I have to get a 9 to 5 job to pay for it because I’m pretty sure it will be well worth it and the return will be afr greater than the cost of the programs so I’m all in” Brandon

“Really appreciate the effort you make for others to succeed!” Jonas

“Greg!… Thanks for all that you do!” Angelo

“The amount of time you have taken to respond to people’s questions and the fact you even share actual details of your strategies far blows most IM Gurus out of the water!” Claire

“PLEASE increase your price for the OMG vBook… This resource is AMAZING!! I can only imaging No Holds Barred!” Red

“If anyone reading this ever has the opportunity to work one on one with Greg you’ve got to jump all over it. He has a simple (yet extremely effective) process for building, ranking… for a HUGE profit.” Pat

“Very excited to get into OMG, and getting more excited as I study the videos! Thanks for putting this together! Looking forward to Hon Holds Barred” Philip

“I am thoroughly enjoying the videos and devouring the material… Is the coaching program setup set up where it’s not just the step by step information of everything, but also holding students accountable and on track? Look forward to working with you guys!” Scott


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